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How can I join ? SELF DEVELOPMENT without link?

On Android the user will find a search option (magnifying glass) on clicking which you can type the name of the channel and join the channel, while on iPhone you will need to go to the chats tab where you need to search for the channel by its name and join.

When somebody sends you an invite link click on it the link will open in your telegram. App click join group to join it to join a public group search for the group.

What is the benefit of ? SELF DEVELOPMENT?

You can use ? SELF DEVELOPMENT to increase sales, make additional profit from ads, increase brand awareness, enhance customer service, etc. One of the main benefits of Telegram channels is the capacity to have an unlimited number of members and subscribers. For instance, WhatsApp groups allow 200-2500 users to join.

Benefits of Telegram channels

Create polls and get opinion from people.

Get latest news from various categories.

Having fun: Get memes, funny images, jokes and lot of entertainment stuff shared by channel owners.

Make Money: You can monetize channels with cross promotion, affiliate links, Subcription fee for joining channel, selling channels to others etc.

Business promotion to large followers.